Luxury Home Feature #13 – Concealed Drawer Slides

Concealed Drawer

Concealed Drawer Slides


Most kitchen and bathroom drawers use tracks (slides) mounted on the sides of the drawer.  These tracks can be unsightly and take away from the appearance of high end drawers.  Make sure your slides have “full extension” allowing full access to the inside of the drawer.  “Soft close” is another slide feature that must be included, preventing slammed drawers and shifted contents.

Luxury Home Feature #12 – Radiant Floors and Walls



Heated walls and floors are a pure luxury feature.  These can be floors in your kitchen, walls in your shower or many other surfaces where warmth is desired.  The heat is provided by liquid filled tubing run below your floor or by electric resistance mats placed below tile or wood flooring.  Radiant heat has many benefits including even room heat distribution and being silent.  Floor radiant heating is loved for its ability to keep tile and other “cold” flooring surfaces comfortably warm.

These systems are similar to those used in the heated driveways previously covered.

Luxury Home Feature #11 – Motorized & Automated Window Shades

Motorized Window Shades

Motorized Window Shades


Open and close your window blinds and shades with the push of a button? Save on heating and cooling costs by automating your window coverings? Let the correct amount of light through those high and tall windows?

All of these things and more can be done with motorized window treatments. The control of the motors can be through local switches or your home automation system.

Lutron provides some of the highest quality products in this arena. You can view their offerings here:

Lutron Shading Solutions

Luxury Home Feature #10 – Pizza Oven

What a great way to entertain your guests.  Have them create their favorite pizza and throw it in the oven.

These ovens can be powered with natural gas or burning wood.  The oven needs to operate at 600 to 900 degrees depending on the type of pizza you are cooking.

Wood fired pizza ovens require 2-3 hours of heating before they are ready for cooking. Make sure to get started well before your guests arrive.

Make sure to follow up the pizza with a great Shiraz or Chianti from your wine cellar!

Luxury Home Feature #9 – Wine Cellar

Wine Cellar

“Wine, from long habit has become an indispensable for my health” – Thomas Jefferson

I think that Thomas Jefferson would agree that a luxury home should have a wine cellar. This is a perfect place to allow your wine collection to age to perfection. A properly designed and constructed home wine cellar should maintain a constant temperature (55-58 degrees F), humidity (55-75%) and light (No UV rays). Light will interact with the wine’s phenolic compounds and create unpleasant characteristics. Improper temperature may cause unwanted chemical reactions that make the wine taste worse or even spoil it. Proper humidity is required to keep bottle corks from drying out.

Bottle racks are typically constructed of mahogany or redwood. Wine Cellar Innovations has a variety of products and services available for completing your wine cellar.

Luxury Home Feature #8 – Home Automation

Ever left for a 2-week vacation and realized that you forgot to turn down the heat in the house? Do you have 5 remotes to control your home entertainment system? Want to know instantly that your house is being broken into from anywhere in the world?

All of these problems and many, many more can be solved with a home automation system. Home automation is the idea that every mechanical and electrical device in your home can be controlled with one device of your choosing.

There are a number of vendors providing the products and support to have this in your home. A few of them include Control 4 and Crestron.

For a ton more Home Automation information and products, the Smart Home website is great.

Luxury Home Feature #7 – Laundry Room Jetted Sink

The newest front load clothes washers deal with washing delicate clothing well. If you only have a few delicate clothing items that you need washed quickly, a jetted sink in your laundry room is the perfect solution. The sink has jets along the sides that lightly circulate the water and detergent. MTI Whirlpools makes a few high quality jetted laundry sinks: MTI Whirlpools

Luxury Home Feature #6 – Dimensional Ceilings

Coffered ceilings can drastically change the look of a room. Traditionally these ceiling finishes are created with large amounts of wood trim and plaster work as shown below.

A cheaper and more flexible option is to use drop ceiling coffered panel systems. These panels come in different materials (plastic, tin, etc..), colors, and styles.

You can create many different looks using these systems. Vendors such as Ceilume or Classic Coffers can provide you with many different options. The benefit of using a drop ceiling in a basement area is the ease of modifying the electrical or plumbing systems later down the road.

Luxury Home Feature #5 – Heated Driveway and Sidewalks

Sick of having to get your sidewalks and driveway shoveled in the winter? A heated driveway and sidewalk system will melt the snow away.

The system typically consists of embedding hot water re-circulation piping or electric resistance heaters in your driveway substrate. This type of system can be used with asphalt, concrete and stone driveways. Hot water re-circulation can be tied into commonly used home boilers used for home radiant heat.

Luxury Home Feature #4 – Kitchen Under Cabinet Plug Mold

Do you find all the power outlets mounted on the wall above your kitchen counters unsightly? You could buy outlet covers that match your chosen back splash material to try and hide them.

The alternative is to have your electrician install plug molds underneath your wall cabinets. You can see an example product here: 12 Outlet Plug Mold.

Plug molds can give you an outlet available every 6″ along the length of your counters.