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Luxury Home Feature #13 – Concealed Drawer Slides

  Most kitchen and bathroom drawers use tracks (slides) mounted on the sides of the drawer.  These tracks can be unsightly and take away from the appearance of high end drawers.  Make sure your slides have “full extension” allowing full access to the inside of the drawer.  “Soft close” is another slide feature that must […]

Luxury Home Feature #12 – Radiant Floors and Walls

  Heated walls and floors are a pure luxury feature.  These can be floors in your kitchen, walls in your shower or many other surfaces where warmth is desired.  The heat is provided by liquid filled tubing run below your floor or by electric resistance mats placed below tile or wood flooring.  Radiant heat has many benefits including even […]

Luxury Home Feature #11 – Motorized & Automated Window Shades

  Open and close your window blinds and shades with the push of a button? Save on heating and cooling costs by automating your window coverings? Let the correct amount of light through those high and tall windows? All of these things and more can be done with motorized window treatments. The control of the […]

Luxury Home Feature #10 – Pizza Oven

What a great way to entertain your guests.  Have them create their favorite pizza and throw it in the oven. These ovens can be powered with natural gas or burning wood.  The oven needs to operate at 600 to 900 degrees depending on the type of pizza you are cooking. Wood fired pizza ovens require […]

Luxury Home Feature #7 – Laundry Room Jetted Sink

The newest front load clothes washers deal with washing delicate clothing well. If you only have a few delicate clothing items that you need washed quickly, a jetted sink in your laundry room is the perfect solution. The sink has jets along the sides that lightly circulate the water and detergent. MTI Whirlpools makes a […]